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Restore vs. Replace After Water and Fire Damage in Newtown Homes

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restore vs. Replace After Water and Fire Damage in Newtown Homes When possible, SERVPRO restores your home rather that ripping out and replacing the contents.

As a SERVPRO franchise, we adhere to the SERVPRO rule of thumb that restoration is preferable to replacement if possible. Numerous insurance and restoration industry studies have concluded that restoring property after water damage is less expensive than replacing it. Restoration is also less time consuming and disruptive, meaning our customers can be in their homes and experiencing life as normal sooner after water or fire damage. Bethel area businesses will have their doors open sooner, meaning less revenue lost.

 SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County understands that a house is much more than just wood and sheetrock. It is devastating enough to see your antique wood floors water stained or your furniture covered with soot. We aim to restore these treasures, as well as family heirlooms and your children's toys, to make the experience a bit easier for Brookfield area homeowners.  

We use several methods in the restoration process including : 

Wet Cleaning - An effective cleaning method for removing moderate to heavy residues. 

Dry Cleaning - Used for cleaning light residues or to pre-clean prior to wet cleaning. 

Spray and Wipe -Effective for items that can’t withstand wet cleaning,  

Foam Cleaning - Used for upholstery fabrics that might shrink or bleed if cleaned with water 

Abrasive Cleaning - Involves agitation of the surface being cleaned.  

Immersion Cleaning - Contents are dipped into a bath of the cleaning product.  

After your home and possessions are thoroughly cleaned, we remove odors and sanitize them so that they are ready to be returned to your home. 

Of course, there are some instances when an item, such as wet carpeting or mattresses, cannot be restored. In these cases, SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County will remove these pieces from your home and discard them ourselves. We work with your insurance adjuster to make sure you are properly compensated for damages.  Our crew and office staff are committed to make your Fairfield County home "Like it never even happened". Call us at (203) 743-5362 if you have questions about the home restoration process after you have experienced a refrigerator line leak in your Connecticut home. 

The Best of Both Worlds - We Offer Restoration and Reconstruction Services

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

Building Services The Best of Both Worlds - We Offer Restoration and Reconstruction Services The SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County team offers both water damage restoration and construction services

Should you use the same contractor for your water damage restoration and reconstruction? 

In a nutshell: Yes 

When you have experienced a flood in your home, the water damage restoration process has several stages. After the source of the flooding has been stopped, SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County will come in and dry out your home. We order a dumpster if needed and remove wet and damaged insulation, carpeting and walls. If your belongings have gotten wet or are in danger of getting wet or moldy from the water, we pack them up and move them to temporary storage. Any wet household items that can be salvaged are cleaned, usually at our off-site facility.  

After any standing water has been removed with extractors, our team uses a variety of tools to remove the excess moisture from your home. Industrial grade dehumidifiers and air movers dry things out. We take into consideration room measurements, temperature, and relative humidity to determine the optimal number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed to dry your home or business. Our professionals are trained to provide sanitizing treatments and to remove odors and deodorize your home.  

When everything is dried out, it’s time to put your home back together.  Whether there was a small leak that damaged just a few walls and molding or a catastrophic flood that has left your home without walls and ceilings, most homes with water damage require some reconstruction by a contractor. Most Brookfield area water damage restoration companies do not offer construction services, leaving you searching google for a  contractor after their work is completed.  

SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County offers full reconstruction services. Our licensed contractors will seamlessly pick up where our restoration team has left off without missing a beat. Our team understands the full scope of the work to be done.  When you have one contractor do the restoration and another do the reconstruction, an instant gap in communication exists. Dealing with two separate companies can create a situation where things slip through the cracks.  

Our office staff - Kathy, Theny and Alexis - understand your needs because they have been with you since the first phone call.  Rebuilding your home after a disaster, whether the job is big or small, can be both stressful and overwhelming.  We aim to make the entire process as streamlined and stress free as possible.  

The Facts About Mold in New Milford, CT Homes

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Facts About Mold in New Milford, CT Homes Not only is "black mold" toxic - all shades of mold -gray, black, purple, yellow, white- can be harmful to your health.

An internet search on household mold will result in a plethora of conflicting information on what mold is and how it can be removed from a home.  There are some facts about mold that are indisputable and good to know in case you find mold in your Newtown home.  

1. Bleach does not kill mold

This myth is so prevalent that we've been advised to use bleach against mold from everyone including our neighbors, plumber and numerous google sites.  While mold can be killed by bleach on hard surfaces such as bathroom tile, it does not kill mold on porous surfaces such as walls and wood. Mold spores present in the air are not affected by topical bleach use.  What’s more, because it is made up of 90% water, removing mold with bleach can actually make mold regrow even faster.  

2. Mold can start to grow in 24 to 48 hours 

If there has been water damage in your home or business, mold can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. We typically see this when a home has been vacant while the owners are away on vacation. We've even responded to jobs in which the water damage was in a basement and not discovered until the following day. To avoid mold growing after a water damage, do not delay in calling a water damage remediation company after a flood.   

3. There are over 100,000 different types of mold

The term usually used when referring to dangerous mold is "black mold" however mold can come in a variety of colors, including brown, green, yellow and white.  In fact, there are over 100,000 known species of mold, most of which exist outside the home. Some molds are helpful to the environment and others are harmful. The most common form of molds found in homes are Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys and Alternaria. 

4. Mold is naturally everywhere 

Mold exists everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Mold helps decompose organic matter and plays a vital role in maintaining a balance in our environment. Healthy levels of mold are not harmful to your home or your health.  When you see mold growing on surfaces of your home, however, it is probable that conditions exist that are causing an accelerated rate of growth. Typically, this is due to high moisture levels in the home. 

When SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County performs mold remediation in a structure, our goal is to bring the level of mold spores to healthy levels. In fact, complete mold spore removal is not possible and if a restoration company claims that they will eradicate mold in your home, you might consider hiring a different company.  Look for a business who has an IICRC certification  to ensure that your mold restoration company is educated and equipped in identifying and treating household mold. 

Home Appliance Leaks Cause Water Damage in Newtown

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Home Appliance Leaks Cause Water Damage in Newtown A dishwasher overflow can cause flooding to your Brookfield home.

30% of the residential water damage claims that we respond to are caused by an appliance failure such as a dishwasher, washing machine or refrigerator line leak.

Of course, there are many water damage disasters that are just that – unpredictable and unavoidable events that could not have been prevented. We recently restored a Newtown home after the ice maker supply line leaked from a brand new, professionally installed refrigerator, causing damage to the kitchen and basement below. However, most appliance related water damage events are due to age or deterioration of the appliance.

There are some easy steps that homeowners can take to reduce their risk of water damage from supply line leaks in three appliances- the dishwasher, refrigerator and washing machine.

Dishwasher lines and hoses can spring a leak or blow out, often in the middle of the wash cycle, and flood your kitchen with hundreds of gallons of water.
A defective pump and/or pump seal may be the cause of a dishwasher leak. As your dishwasher ages, and because of the use of detergents, the rubber gasket that seals the pump housing could have broken down and become ineffective.
Another reason that your dishwasher may leak is because your kitchen sink pipes are clogged. The reason for the leak is that dishwasher discharge hose is connected to the sink drain. If you notice your sink or dishwasher draining slowly, clear the clog before it gets worse and causes an overflow.
A faulty seal on your dishwasher door can also cause your dishwasher to leak.

Washing machine
If you notice a puddle on the floor of your laundry room, don’t ignore it! Your washer may need a minor repair that can prevent a major catastrophe. There may be a loose connection on one of the hoses or a missing rubber washer. You may find that you have a washing machine hose that has a pinhole leak that could lead to an eruption and cause flooding throughout your home.
If you notice water on the floor in front of your front load washer, check your door seal. Soil, debris and soap buildup can cause the seal to fail and allow a leak. Also check to see if there is any deterioration of the seal or trapped items (like a pesky sock)
If there is a puddle under your washer, there could be a hole in your water pump and it should be replaced.
Also check to make certain that the door on your front load washing machine is opening and closing properly. A faulty hinge could allow water to leak out.

The water damage that we usually see from refrigerators is generally caused by a failure of the ice maker supply line. Over the years, the supply line can weaken and become vulnerable to bursting. There may be a slow leak that can cause mold to grow throughout the years or there can be a sudden failure that causes flooding. Since most of us don't often look behind our refrigerators, a slow leak or deterioration of the line can go unnoticed. Periodically take a look behind your fridge at the supply line to make sure it is in sound condition.

Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover water damage that could have been avoided with proper maintenance or what might be considered neglect. Making a habit of periodically checking your appliances for wear and addressing small water leaks or clogs when they first happen will save you from dealing with an uncovered water damage loss later on.

Choosing an IICRC Certified Restoration Company for Your Water, Fire and Mold Restoration Needs in Newtown, CT

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

General Choosing an IICRC Certified Restoration Company for Your Water, Fire and Mold Restoration Needs in Newtown, CT Choose an IICRC certified firm when you have water, fire or mold damage in the Brookfield, CT area.

When seeking a fire, water or mold restoration company in the Fairfield County area, it's important to choose a reputable company whose employees have been highly trained. A poorly conducted restoration can cause a home or business to have secondary problems such as mold down the line. 

SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County is an IICRC certified restoration firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must

• Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

• Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

• Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

• Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

• Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

About SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County

SERVPRO of  Newtown and Southern Litchfield County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified Firm. We believe in continuous training: from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet the Team: Matt Caulfield

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Community Meet the Team: Matt Caulfield Matt Caulfield is a production manager at SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County.

Every day, we see them give their all and then some to our customers. This month, we'd like to recognize Matt Caulfield for his dedication to his work at SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County.  

Matt has been at SERVPRO for five years, having come from the construction and mortgage industries. He is the kind of guy who throws himself whole-heartedly into whatever he does and has worked his way to a position of Production Manager at SERVPRO.  Matt is an extremely dedicated professional who is courteous, cares about his customers, is quick to return phone calls and sincerely wants the best outcome for his clients. In fact, clients often go out of their way to let us know how impressed they were with Matt's service.  

Matt lives in Milford, CT and is an avid fan of the Minnesota Vikings and the Georgia Bulldogs. An athlete himself, Matt loves snowboarding, football and working out. He can't pass up a piece of pizza and loves country music. I was surprised to learn that his favorite tv show is "This is Us" - you never know who is watching that show! His dream is to spend time on a Caribbean Island someday.  

Matt's co-workers know that if they need a hand with anything, he is there to help- often without being asked. He is a pleasure to work with and brings a positive vibe to our office and the work site.  Matt finds it personally rewarding when he can take an overwhelming loss and turn it around for the very best outcome for the customer. In an industry like ours, where homeowners are dealing with stressful and often emotional situations, Matt's commitment to help, and not just "get the job done", truly makes a difference. 

Keep Your 4th of July Festivities Safe With These Fireworks Tips

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

General Keep Your 4th of July Festivities Safe With These Fireworks Tips The safest way to enjoy fireworks in Newtown this week is to go to a professional show. If you do choose to use fireworks at your home, use caution.


With the 4th of July around the corner, we have already started hearing fireworks being set off in our Brookfield area neighborhoods.  Let's face it, it's hard to resist picking up a few things that go bang and some sparklers for the kids.  At the risk of sounding like a killjoy, we do want to remind our customers that fireworks, and even sparklers, cause quite a bit of damage and bodily injury each year. 

In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year. This includes 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires and 16,900 outdoor fires. The NFPA recommends that you leave fireworks to the professionals however if you want to set a few off in your driveway, here are a few tips to keep it safer.  

  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.  Save your alcohol for after the show. 
  • Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks. 
  • Light one firework at a time and then quickly move away. 
  • Use fireworks OUTDOORS in a clear area; away from buildings and vehicles. 
  • Never relight a “dud” firework.  Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water. 
  • Always have a bucket of water and charged water hose nearby. 
  • Never carry fireworks in your POCKET or shoot them into METAL or GLASS containers. 
  • Do not experiment with homemade fireworks. 
  • Dispose of spent fireworks by wetting them down and place in a metal trash can away from any building or combustible materials until the next day. 

Adults should always handle fireworks. Although sparklers are fun, they account for roughly one quarter of fireworks injuries. If you give kids sparklers, make sure they keep them outside and away from the face, clothing, and hair. Sparklers can reach 1,800°F (982°C) — hot enough to melt gold. Kids are also drawn to investigate the used pieces of fireworks that lie on the ground after an event. Discourage this, as some may hot and even still be ignited and can cause burns.

Pet safety is also a concern on the 4th of July. Think about your pet. Animals have sensitive ears and can be very frightened or stressed by the noise that fills the day.  Don't bring your dog to the barbecue – they are happier and safer if left inside. Create a comfortable place inside your home for your pet. Finally, make sure your pet has accurate identification tags on them in case they run away because of the loud noises. 

Whether you choose to stay at home or go to a public fireworks show, stay safe and have a great time! 

Tips to Keep Your Campfire Safe This Summer

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tips to Keep Your Campfire Safe This Summer Camping one of our favorite ways to spend with family and friends over the summertime.

One thing that we look forward to every summer is having a campfire in our backyard. There's something about the smell and sound of a fire that brings us close to nature. Add in some marshmallows and everybody is happy! Unfortunately, campfire accidents are common, resulting in thousands of ER visits a year.

Follow our safety tips to reduce your risk of injury.

Step 1: Check out the surroundings 

Carefully choose your location avoiding any low hanging branches or near brush or bushes. These can easily go up in flames if the fire gets bigger than anticipated.  You should also keep an 8 to 10 foot radius clear of anything such as brush, garbage as well as tents and chairs. 

Step 2: Prepare your campfire ring 

If an exisiting ring is not present, create one out of rocks. Make sure that the area surrounding the ring does not have any tripping hazards such as holes, roots or tree stumps. A child walking to get their next marshmallow can easily trip and get burned. 

Step 3: Have water, a shovel and dirt at hand 

It only takes a single gust of wind to cause your fire to grow out of control. In that case, you want to always have water, dirt or a shovel nearby to help reduce the flames or put it out completely if necessary.  

Step 4: Never leave the fire unattended 

Sometimes we get so comfortable with the fire that we walk away for "just a moment". Regardless of what is going on, make sure someone always has an eye on the fire. Especially keep an eye on pets and children that may be sitting or walking close by. 

Step 5: Put it out right 

Never leave a fire burning when you are going inside. Even hot embers can reignite and become a fire with a gust of wind. Smother the fire with dirt and make sure it is fully extinguished by stirring the embers around afterwards. 

Enjoy your summer and be safe if you have a backyard fire in Connecticut this summer!

If you have fire damage at your Brookfield area home, call SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County at (203) 743-5362.

Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer in Newtown

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

General Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer in Newtown Your electric bill doesn't need to be high this summer- save money with our air conditioning efficiency tips.

School is out, the beaches are filling up and the smell of barbeque is filling the air. Summer is here, Newtown and Southern Litchfield County! There is so much to enjoy in the summer except for those high air conditioning bills!  Thankfully, there are some preventative measures you can take to lower your electric bill this summer.  
Exterior Inspection 

We recommend doing an inspection of the area around your air conditioning unit and clear the area of brush and weeds that have grown in or gathered there. This will ensure that your air conditioning unit will get enough air to cool the house and keep unwanted brush from entering the ac unit. 
Inspect Filters 

Inspect your filters to determine whether they need to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, filters should be replaced every season. Dirty filters will increase energy usage and affect air quality in the house. 
Check Freon Levels 

If your freon levels are low, it could indicate a leak, which can lower efficiency and decrease the lifespan of the air conditioner compressor.  

Make an upgrade 

If you haven't upgraded to a smart thermostat, it's time to make a change. Smart thermostats can regulate heating and cooling when you're not home to save money. Many of these work with your phone for convenience.  

Check your thermostat placement 

The location of your thermostat can play a big part in how well your air conditioner works. If you put it on a wall right next to a hot window, for instance, your air conditioner will kick on much more often than it needs to because it will think the room is hotter than it actually is. Pick a location that is representative to the whole of your home.  

Use a fan

Although a fan wont reduce the overall temperature of your home, it will make a room that you are in feel up to ten degrees cooler while using significantly less energy.
Have your air ducts inspected 

Call SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County at (203) 743-5362 to have your ducts inspected. Having your air ducts cleaned by our professionals will increase the efficiency of your system.  

We Provide Water Damage Restoration to Newtown, CT Area Restaurants

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial We Provide Water Damage Restoration to Newtown, CT Area Restaurants If you have water damage to your Brookfield area restaurant, SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County is ready to respond.

The plumbing system in your busy Newtown restaurant gets a lot of wear and tear. When many people are filtering in and out of bathrooms all the time and the kitchen never stops,  it is essential that you keep up with plumbing repairs and maintenance. A plumbing problem such as a sewage backup or a broken pipe can cause water damage to your facility and potentially force you to close your doors while it is being repaired. Beyond inconvenient, this can result in a loss of income.

In addition to sewage backups and toilet overflows, busy restaurants might also experience water damage from clogged pipes and drains.  It doesn’t take long for an overflowing sink or dishwasher supply line leak to cause major damage. Water damage can occur in new and old restaurant kitchens alike – even a brand new appliance can be installed improperly or have a manufacturing defect.  

If you own a business in the Fairfield County area, having an established relationship with a local plumber that you trust is essential. Not only will regular inspections help you get ahead of disasters before they happen, you will also have someone ready to help if you do have a toilet overflow at your restaurant.  

If, despite the best precautions taken, you do have flooding at your Bethel commercial building, SERVPRO of Newtown and Southern Litchfield County is available around the clock to respond to your call.  We understand that time is of the essence when a restaurant has water damage and have an experienced crew ready to restore your building. Some of our Crew Chiefs, such as Davi or Von, have been with us for over a decade and are experts at quickly assessing a water damage situation and identifying a course of action that will least impact your business continuity.  

SERVPRO of Newtown & Southern Litchfield County will help you get your restaurant open for business as quickly as possible, ensuring that the job is also done right so that you don't experience secondary damage such as mold. If you have flooding to your Brookfield restaurant, give us a call at (203) 743-5362 for immediate service.